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Dan is the author of Kelly: A Father, a Son, an American Quest, The Red Rose Crew: A True Story of Women, Winning and the Water, Essential Sculling and The Seven Seat, A story of rowing, revenge and redemption. Dan has also written articles for The Atlantic Monthly, Harvard Magazine, Double Take, Wooden Boat, and Gray's Sporting Journal, and others.



Dan tells a humorous story of his first year of freshman crew, including a sub plot of personal redemption against an insufferable football player who has bullied him throughout high school.



A Writer on the Water

“If you're a writer,” Boyne asks, “how can you be authentic by just really relaxing into your own personal comfort zone?”

Developing Meditative Awareness

There is no one method for realizing meditative awareness, so any system or teacher should only be used as a means to an end. If you begin to rely too heavily on either, or both, you forsake the cultivation of your own intuition in favor of dependency.



Storyteller at Heart

Most of Dan's writing has concerned itself with the interplay between sport and society, and he has often focused on groups or individuals who have used sport as a means to change their social status. He has an M.Ed from Harvard, and currently lives in Cambridge, MA with his wife and daughter.


“Rowing helped pave the way for the current boom of female athletes.”

Dan Boyne